Isha'at (Publications)


  • To spread the message of Islam through the distribution of Lajna publications
  • To assist Lajna Ima’illah members by making available learning tools and motivational publications
  • To engage Lajna in writing for publications and offering interesting and well written articles

Khidmat-e-Khalq (Social Services)


  • To provide maximum service to the poor, helpless and needy without any discrimination of race, religion or nationality. Khidmat-e-Khalq, or the social services department, is focused on internally helping one another in the Ahmadiyya Community, as well as external outreach to the surrounding communities. This is achieved through prayers, community service, donations, volunteer work and advocacy. Khidmat-e-Khalq, or social welfare, is an integral part of our worship.

Maal (Finance)


  • Lajna Ima’illah is an Auxiliary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Organization for women. According to the Constitution, membership is compulsory. Dues are collected by the  Lajna Immaillah and have been fixed. The collection of Lajna and Ijtema dues makes it possible for Lajna Ima’illah to carry out the daily operations of the organization. It is with these blessed resources that we support Special Projects that our beloved Huzur(aba) may wish for us to work on during the year.

San'at-o-Dastakari (Handicraft)


  • The objective of this department, as described in the Constitution of the Lajna Ima'illah, is to make arrangements to hold exhibitions of handicrafts. The primary purpose of these exhibitions is to make Ahmadi ladies skillful, and also to create a cottage industry to help needy sisters. One of the main objectives of this department is to help Ahmadi ladies acquire skills making items of interest for Lajna and Nasirat. These can then be sold at Jamaat gatherings providing a useful service to buyers and sellers. This could create a cottage industry, which can be a useful tool in helping provide extra income for those sisters who may need it.

Sihat-e-Jismani (Health & Fitness)


  • Health includes not only diet and exercise but also our overall mental and spiritual well being. Oftentimes, with work, family and Jamaat responsibilities, we find little time to focus on our health or set realistic attainable goals. Let us make sure that we make our health a major priority while always keeping in mind that the strongest medicine and healing can be found in our faith.

Tabligh (Preaching)

TABLIGH! PREACH! “Most surely I will prevail, I and My messengers” (58:22).


  • The purpose of the Lajna Imaillah DenmarkTabligh Program is through preaching the verses of the Holy Quran, the life examples the Holy Prophet Muhammad(SAW) and teachings of the Promised Messiah(AS) we may provide the Islamic response and resolution to social injustices, attempt to alleviate the distress caused by it and demonstrate how Islam can establish Unity and Peace in a community. As an end-result of these preaching efforts, inshaAllah, the recipients of the message will move closer to Allah and join the community of the Promised Messiah(AS).

Tajnid (Census)


  • The Tajnid department is responsible for keeping an updated record of names and other relevant information of all Lajna and Nasirat members. Each local Tajnid Secretary should regularly review her membership and submit any changes (additions or deletions of members as well as changes to demographics information etc). It is very important to submit timely updates as this helps us keep accurate and up-to-date records. This information is also used by Finance, Tehrik-e-Jadid, Waqf-e-Jadid & other departments.

Taleem (Education)


  • The Taleem department facilitates a continuous learning process for all Lajna by providing guidance, material and an infrastructure. The primary focus is to educate Lajna on fundamentals of our religion as well as the contemporary issues to help them become a good ambassador of Islam in the society.

Tarbiyyat (Moral Training)



  • To increase our devotion to Allah Ta'ala in every aspect of our lives; to perform His Worship with greater understanding and attention; be ever conscious of His Favors to us and intensify our efforts to achieve His Pleasure through self- reformation and service to Jamaat. 
  • To take pride in being an Ahmadi Muslim woman and to celebrate the roles of Muslim women in society.
  • To establish, improve and embrace our purdah with pride.
  • To guard our children from the dangers of society from a very early age.

Our Personal Tarbiyat Objectives:

  • Perform Salat five times daily on time, in congregation if possible. 
  • Recite Holy Qur'an daily with translation.
  • Listen to Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih’s sermons regularly.
  • Offer 2 nawafil daily for all Ahmadis facing persecution.
  • Observe purdah and maintain hayaa on all occasions.
  • Reflect on and comply with conditions of Bai’at in daily life.
  • Strive towards doing Wasiyat to become a Moosia.
  • Increase our attendance at Lajna meetings



  • Our goal is 100% participation. Therefore all Lajnat, Nasirat & children under 7 years of age should be encouraged to contribute to this scheme no matter how nominal it may be.



  • Our goal is 100% participation, therefore all Lajnat, Nasirat, and children under seven years of age should be encouraged to make pledges and contribute to this scheme no matter how nominal it may be.



  • he Ziafat department should make appropriate food arrangements at national or local Lajna functions as required in a proper manner. Proper Islamic hospitality should be provided to the invited guests.